Acorn Delight
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Acorn Delight

Pat Black

Design is the essence of Pat Black’s process which originates in her sketch book.  The design progresses as she brings in different aspects of nature from the collection she has in her studio.  The pieces are fit to each pot and glazes selected.  Waxes are used to protect the surface of the bisque ware so that each individual glaze can be applied separately.  Once the glaze firing is done, the natural elements are added to complete the process.

Elements in this piece: Tan birch bark, Lake Michigan drift wood, Lake Superior agate and stones, inland lake snail shell, small acorn, and large acorn for lid handle.

9.75'' x 4''


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Pat Black

Forty years after initially finding and studying the world of pottery, Black feels fortunate to work in this medium again.  Retirement found her in the north woods of the UP, inspired by the incredible beauty and a pottery studio that awakened her creative spirit.  Nature has always been the central core for Black, whether climbing a 14,000 foot peak in the Rockies or hiking in the north woods or enjoying the beaches of the Great Lakes.  What a pleasure to bring just a taste of it to you.

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