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Mary Kolar

These wooden cat sculptures are the piece you will be adding to your mantle this year. Once carefully shapped, cut, drilled, sanded, and painted, these cute figurines will add a bit of color to any setting.


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Mary Kolar

Mary Kolar has been creating art ever since she can remember. She drew on my parent’s basement walls, melted crayons on the basement kerosene heater, creating (unknown to herself at the time) encaustics. Her first 3-D pieces, sculptures made from junk metal from her uncle’s gas station scrap pile. Kolar was given the gift of curiosity and observation of her surroundings at an early age and her childhood was rich with influences of the north central Nebraska landscape, her parents, relatives and many excursions to old junkyards. She received a B.F.A. with a Commercial Art Comprehensive Degree from University of Nebraska-Kearney. Kolar's journeys and experiences have led her in many directions, such as, taking more art classes, teaching both fine art and commercial art classes, conducting art workshops, scenic painting of movies and plays, restoring church statues and exhibiting in numerous art shows locally and nationally.

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