Cherry Blossom Perfume Bottle
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Cherry Blossom Perfume Bottle

Bryce Dimitruk

Perfect for essential oils, perfume, or decoration! Bryce Dimitruk handcrafts each piece with blown glass creating truly one of a kind extraordinary pieces.

Dimensions: 2" x 3"


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About this Artist

Bryce Dimitruk

Bryce Dimitruk began creating art from hot and cold glass in 1998. Dimitruk's glass art is handcrafted, starting as a raw gathering of molten glass. This lava-like substance is carefully decorated with colored glass shards or chips, melted onto the surface and manipulated with a variety of hand tools to reflect unique artistic expression with texture and vibrancy. Every piece created by Dimitruk is a physical manifestation of the passion and heart as well as a reflection of the devotion he has put into is works of art. View more from Bryce

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