Cobalt Blue Paisley Mug
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Cobalt Blue Paisley Mug

Lynn Wood

This mug has been hand built by Lynn Wood and textured with her customized stamps. Brighten your tableware with this brilliant addition.

Size: 3’’ x 4.25’’


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Artist Made

This art is made with care by the artist.

Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher/Microwave Safe and ready to use.

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About this Artist

Lynn Wood

Lynn Wood has enjoyed clay in her life since early childhood and has been a professional potter for over 39 years. The ability to play and explore the endless possibilities with the medium furthers her creative pleasure. As Lynn’s career developed, so did her love of including texture in her work. She draws from nature, textiles, and architecture. She works mainly in porcelain creating handmade tableware in a range of bright colors with a variety of fun textures.

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