Cognac Quartz and Red Creek Jasper Pendant Necklace
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Cognac Quartz and Red Creek Jasper Pendant Necklace

Arlee Kasselman

Be mezmerized with Arlee Kasselman's handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is unique, filled with color, and ready to be added to your jewelry box! This Sterling Silver necklace features a beautiful Cognac Quartz and Red Creek Jasper pendant. Simple and elegant but a must have for every collector.

Stone: Cognac Quartz and Red Creek Jasper

Sterling Silver


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About this Artist

Arlee Kasselman

"Own your uniqueness" 

Arlee Kasselman loves the moment she discovers a beautiful stone that speaks to her, filling her with inspiration to create something magical for someone to wear. Designing jewelry since 1996, her love for natural stones began as a child when trips to the local stone quarry were more exciting than a trip to the zoo. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, her passion is working with exquisite gemstones and unique shapes. To compliment the stones she uses, her original handcrafted geometric fine silver and 22K gold vermeil metal creations. Often referred to as a miniature works of art, each piece is inspired by both ancient and contemporary architecture. Every design celebrates the art of self-expression. The decision not to automate Kasselman's process is her commitment to maintaining the integrity of jewelry as art. All designs are handcrafted in America. 

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