Crucible With Serena Blue Glaze
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Crucible With Serena Blue Glaze

Steve Skinner loves the organic nature of clay which allows him to explore its texture, color, and malleability. As an artist and potter, he wants the clay to show evidence of his working hand, and to experience throwing, slapping, rolling, and sculpting it. He combines hand building with wheel throwing techniques, using different clays to create lines, patterns, and visual textures. He glazes sparingly, highlighting the beauty of the clay.

Although his pottery is functional (to be part of daily life) with deliberate design characteristics (like his crucibles, and wrapped bowls), each work is one-of-a-kind, organic, and distinctively modern. The crucibles are reminiscent of geodes.

A little booklet is included with a bread recipe created by Louise, Steve’s wife.


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