Diebenkorn Bracelet
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Diebenkorn Bracelet

Julie Powell

Inspired by the semi-abstract paintings of Richard Diebenkorn, this cuff evokes the artists beautiful irregular brush strokes and variance of color. Shapes and colors play against each other in a harmonious medley. There is also a 3-Dimensional quality to the beadwork causing it to ripple and dip in a dynamic way. Woven off loom in peyote stitch. Hand woven toggle closure. 7″ in length and apx 1.75” in height.


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About this Artist

Julie Powell

Julie Powell’s beadwork is a confluence of the world of textiles, color and of adornment. She weaves and embroiders tiny glass beads, with a needle and fishing line, one at a time to create intricate cuffs, necklaces and earrings. With a background in weaving, knitting, quilting, embroidering and dyeing she blends the colors and patinas of beads into flexible fabrics. The process takes many hours. Every single bead she picks up is a choice, one element in shaping the whole. The rhythm of touching each bead to the needle and pulling it through to connect to the next bead is meditative and fascinating to her.

She is inspired by the tradition of ancient crafts and textiles from all over the world. She takes these traditions and push them into a contemporary direction, preferring to emphasize color and form rather than complicated stitches and patterning. She is inspired by the natural world, from the mountains and rivers to the oceans and sky.

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