Eastern Bluebird Embroidered Tea Towel
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Eastern Bluebird Embroidered Tea Towel

Jennifer McBrien

Birds are freehand machine stitched along with the name of the bird. Which means that Jennifer McBrien used her sewing machine to draw each bird and name. Nothing is programmed! Which also means each towel is one-of-a-kind. Towels are washable but clean either by hand or in the gentle cycle to not pull out the stitches. Line dry is best and then steam iron on high.

These vintage-inspired tea towels are beautifully ready for your classic serving of tea, or to hang in your kitchen ready to dry some towels, your hands or just to look pretty! Each towel is made of 100% cotton.

Towels are vintage style , "unbleached" natural color with green and yellow, red. blue or multi-color ( multi-colored stripes in colors of blue, yellow, green, red along 2 sides) stripes along the sides, hemmed on 4 sides with a hanging loop extending beyond the towel.

Very durable and absorbent and a heavier weight than most tea towels on the market today!

Dimension 27" L x 18.5" W


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About this Artist

Jennifer McBrien

Jennifer McBrien creates a unique line of handmade gifts that are fresh, practical and have a fun sense of spirit and nostalgia to them. The cut felt birds and fabrics that play with whimsy. The “Vintage Inspired” organic cotton fabrics she uses to create functional products reflect the nostalgia of its design, such as the felt lined, fabric eyeglass case or zipper pouch. Jenny is a painter turned textile artist. She discovered her mark making birds come alive when using her sewing machine. Using her machine as a drawing tool, not a computer program, she sees her subjects come alive with intensity and personality. Her subjects speak of her observations of the natural world that tend to get ignored: the birds that inhabit her urban home, and edible plants that are commonly mistaken as weeds, such as dandelions.

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