Forest Floor- Ellison Bluff
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Forest Floor- Ellison Bluff

Gail Gilson Pierce

Gail Gilson Pierce takes inspiration from botanicals, birds, or landscapes. She explores Door County, taking photographs that capture quintessential locations. Back in her studio, she paints those scenes, capturing the magical feel and vibrant light of the area.

Framed: 8'' x 8''


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Artist Made

This art is made with care by the artist.

Door County Inspired

This art was inspired by the beautiful Door County landscape.

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About this Artist

Gail Gilson Pierce

There are two things Gail Gilson Pierce can’t live without… being outdoors (preferably with her dog) and art. Trained professionally as a biologist, Pierce spent the first half of her career as an environmental educator. Working mainly with middle and high school students, her job allowed her to roam the lake country of northern Wisconsin on a daily basis. Now she devotes her professional time to art. Based out of her northern Wisconsin studio, she paints with oils on canvas, or with dye and thread on textiles. She creates impressionistic paintings of the landscape that sustains her. With organic shapes and vibrant colors, her work invites the viewer to “feel” the landscape as it pulses with life. 

Quote: “My art is truly a very personal expression of the “sense of place” I feel in the outdoors.”

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