Ginormous Yellow-Orange Sunflower
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Ginormous Yellow-Orange Sunflower

Cheryl English

Cheryl English's sunflowers are finished with a selection of oxides and stains fired into the clay body, resulting in a timeless matte finish that will never fade, flake or wash out. They can hang on a wall, inside or outside. Each of the petals is individually shaped and textured and then joined together. The center is constructed separately. The two pieces are joined together in the glaze firing. Woven pandanus mat embossed center texture - so like the actual center of a real sunflower - is enhanced with burnt umber stain. A copper stake is included so you can put in your garden.

17’’ diameter


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About this Artist

Cheryl English

Cheryl M. English, a long-time resident of the metropolitan Detroit area, has traveled as far as Singapore and Turkey, only to return to her childhood dancing grounds. Having earned a BA in Art History from Michigan State University and an MA in Art History and Archæology from Cornell University, she realized she much preferred making art to dissecting it. A life-long autodidact, Cheryl first began her ceramics studies with Gene Pluhar through Grosse Pointe Community Education. Taking advantage of Mr. Pluhar’s classroom at Grosse Pointe South High School, she reveled in the pleasures of propane torches, sand blasters and drill presses while investigating the potential of slab rollers, extruders and the wheel. Cheryl’s work is a reflection of her “other” passion: gardening. As an Advanced Master Gardener (certified through Wayne County Extension), her abiding interest in things natural – and indigenous – is reflected in her unique designs.

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