Heron No. 10
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Heron No. 10

David Robinson

For David Robinson, creativity come in many forms. Each heron is made from relcaimed wood. The color, texture, and grain pattern of the wood is chosen to enhance the style and design of the piece. If color is added, milk paint is used.


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David Robinson

Creativity comes in many forms.  For David Robinson, being creative meant figuring out how to fix or repair or build something for a DIY home project. His inspiration comes from his wife, Barbara.  Her love of art and 1950's dresses, and her confidence in his ability to create something unique from something old sparked his creativity in a new way. Robinson's medium is reclaimed wood.  It comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and no two pieces are alike.  Robinson looks for grain patterns and other characteristics that will enhance the piece he is creating.  When some color is needed, all natural milk paint is used sparingly.

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