Interior Spaces
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Interior Spaces

Mark Pflughoeft

Interior Spaces by Mark Pflughoeft use of colors and strong focal points makes this the perfect piece for your home. Pflughoeft uses acrylic and etching to create abstract scenes that will make your mind wander. His abstracts make sense of a complex world through balanced color and form.

Acrylic on Wood Panel

Dimensions: 30" X 30"


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About this Artist

Mark Pflughoeft

 Art making does't feel like an intellectual activity for Mark Pflughoeft, though it is an emotional and spiritual. Pflughoeft spends endless amounts of time focused on each piece. He leaves them around his house and studio so that he can sit with them. The time is actually spent looking, listening, and simply being aware, alert, open, and present. After spending this time, he just "understands" what must be done next. Making art is more an intuitive or mystical activity for Pflughoeft.

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