Lady's Slipper 6/24
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Lady's Slipper 6/24

Erin Nolan

Each etched print is done in a limited run and may have details different from one print to the next.

Quote from Erin Nolan: “My prints are based on the "haiku moments" of my life—when there is a heightened awareness and I see the world with greater clarity. Details that I wouldn't otherwise notice hold special significance and their deeper meaning is revealed. I infuse spiritual meanings into the physicality of nature. At such times, I am left with a profound sense of awe, a humbleness that comes from feeling small within a vast universe, and grateful for having that moment grow and stretch me as a person. This is  what I attempt to capture in my work.”

Framed: 10'' x 12''


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Artist Made

This art is made with care by the artist.

Door County Inspired

This art was inspired by the beautiful Door County landscape.

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About this Artist

Erin Nolan

Erin Nolan lives in Door County and received her B.F.A from Northern Illinois University. Her interest in visually interpreting the patterns, textures, and intricate details found in nature led her to the medium of printmaking. Nolan is a member of the Southern Graphics Council (SGC) International. View more from Erin

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