Leaves Gold: Black
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Leaves Gold: Black

Ava Austin

In creating each Copper FaCuff, Ava Austin cuts, shapes, and prepares a flat sheet of copper to her specifications. Next, she hand paints each one with her proprietary polymer, called FaPaint. Finally, the flat piece of copper is hand forged into a cuff. Each Copper FaCuff is adjustable to any size comfortable on the wrist. This Leaves Copper FaCuff is water resistant and signed by the artist.

Dimensions: Approximately 0.75" wide


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About this Artist

Ava Austin

Painting was a hobby while Ava Austin earned degrees kinesiology and chemistry. After working in both fields, she realized her joy in life comes from color and working with her hands. So, this chemist turned painter and now jewelry designer has trademarked her own enameling technique she has calls “FaPaint.” To Ava, Fa means Fine art • Fashionable art • Flexible art. Her art form is a combination of metal work, sculpture, and painting. Ava’s unique, intricately designed copper jewelry, called The Copper FaCuff, is lightweight, adjustable, and waterproof, and each Copper FaCuff is individually handcrafted in Sonoma County, California. They are great for layering and adding a pop of color to your wrist.

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