Lily Wrap Bracelet
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Lily Wrap Bracelet

Terry Fromm

This piece of jewelry is formed by hand - through hammering, softening with heat, twisting by hand, and often more hammering - into elegant, casual, and intriguing works of art, often incorporating textures and color into the work. The resulting pieces are lightweight, flexible and easy to wear. This hand formed wrap bracelet with Lily shaped ends is actually a hollow tube hammered into shape from a flat strip of sterling silver and polished to a glossy finish.

Small: Fits 5.5"-6" wrist

Medium: Fits 6"-6.5"

Large: Fits 6.5"-7"


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About this Artist

Terry Fromm

Terry Fromm’s sterling silver jewelry suggests the look and feel of softer, silkier materials. Inspired by flowing forms in nature and draping textiles, she creates small quantities of finely crafted jewelry by transforming flat, stiff stripes of silver into simple, sculptural forms with an illusion of softness and movement. Fromm forms the silver using the anticlastic raising technique- hammers over specialized stakes, twisting by hand, and finishing with more hammering. The resulting pieces are lightweight, flexible, and very easy to wear. These elegant yet casual designs are offered in polished silver, a selectively gold-plated two-toned style, and an oxidized, deep blue-black, low maintenance finish.

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