Old Growth Douglas Fir Ring Dish
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Old Growth Douglas Fir Ring Dish

Ed Brogan

Striking for its simplicity and elegance. This bowl is a laminated old growth Doublas Fir ring dish by Ed Brogan with delicate patterning and a fluid shape. This piece will blend with any décor due to its subtle beauty and rich color. Finished in a mineral oil and beeswax blend. Good for small snacks or holding your rings.

1.75'' x 5.5''


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About this Artist

Ed Brogan

Ed Brogan likes to turn wood.

He loves the beauty and utility of wood and work to make beautiful, useful pieces. Every bowl is hand made by him, and all are signed, dated, and numbered.

Generally his process involves construction of pieces instead of turning a single chunk. He enjoys the visualization and anticipation of the finished product as the bowl is made. And sometimes he’ll just grab a chunk and make a bowl.

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