Orange and Clear Holiday Tree
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Orange and Clear Holiday Tree

Rose Kleman

Add this holiday tree to your home this holiday season. These handmade trees are colorful, sparkly, and make a great gift. These glass trees have been hand-cut into shape. Kleman adds colored glass frit to each tree creating different color combinations and textures.

Birch Stand Included


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About this Artist

Rose Kleman

Quote from Rose Kleman:

“I am always drawn to the majesty of water – from the mossy greenness of a still pond to the blinding clarity of an impossibly blue ocean; from the trickle of a drop in a creek to the rage of a ceaseless waterfall; from the utter tranquility of a gentle lapping on the shore to the thunderous crashing of crystal blue ice calving into the sea. All of my work is inspired by the unequalled physical and emotional power of water and the natural surrounding that makes it magical.”

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