Orange Pumpkin
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Orange Pumpkin

Krista Carlsen

Krista Carlsen has taken a break from abstract landscapes to create abstract pumpkins perfect for any tabletop. This pumpkin has colorful depth and is uniquely shaped making it a true one-of-a-kind piece.

Diameter: 4.5"


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About this Artist

Krista Carlsen

“Many things are seen in my paintings that surprise even me. I always enjoy hearing what people see and feel in my work. Scenery, clouds, the lakes, the cedars and beaches inspire my work. Sometimes my work comes from dreams. Most of my work forms as I create. It amazes me every time and I feel inspired again!”

Krista resides in Illinois. She teaches and coaches in her hometown high school and grade schools. She ministers to teens and is the mother of two beautiful grown children.

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