Time Warp Tumbler
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Time Warp Tumbler

Ron Hinkle

The Time Warp Tumbler is calling your name! This glass fits in your hand perfectly and features a desing with an optic pinch and twist. Finished with iridescent spray, you can't go wrong with any color combination.

Holds approximately 14 ounces.


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About this Artist

Ron Hinkle

Ron Hinkle has a great passion and appreciation for glass and the history of glass making. His love and fascination began when he was 12 years old, bending and stretching the glass tubing from a chemistry set. Hinkle started his career at Louis Glass in Weston, WV. He has been able to fulfill his dream of blowing beautiful pieces of glass art to share with the world. Each piece represents what he has learned and pursued over his career.

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