Unfolding Lotus Necklace
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Unfolding Lotus Necklace

Georgia Weithe

The graceful unfolding lotus image is made of sterling silver, and includes a sterling silver chain. This piece of jewelry represents the new way when you listen to your inner voice.

Pendant Dimensions: 1" x 1 1/4"


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Georgia Weithe

Georgia Weithe's jewelry is a language. It speaks of beauty, hope, serenity, tenderness, and other qualities of the heart. She believes if we are drawn to the work of art, it's because it reflects something we are looking for in our own lives, and that gazing at it can help us feel balanced. She combines the qualities of inner light with the play of light bouncing off metal, and transform gold, silver, pewter, gems, stones, shells, pearls, beads, and insect wings into soft, delicate shapes which evoke some of nature's gentlest images: waves, wings, seeds, moonbeams. The materials are hammered, cast, fabricated and formed, and often the spirit of the work is reflected in its name. The jewelry she make doesn't reflect current trends, but rather deep currents of meaning Weithe is searching for in her life.  View more from Georgia

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