Walking Familiar Paths
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Walking Familiar Paths

Gail McCoy

Gail McCoy’s beautiful, serene landscapes are paper collage. These art pieces start as images from National Geographic Magazines which have been altered with a acid solution which moves the inks around the page creating beautiful abstract backgrounds. The cranes, suns, moons and grasses are then hand-cut out of paper and then assembled into these tranquil scenes. The work symbolizes peace, hope, and healing. This 6’’ x 6’’ work is just the right size to also sit on a mantle or table.

6'' x 6''


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Gail McCoy

Gail McCoy’s collages are created from pages of National Geographic magazines using an innovative process. She manipulates the ink on the page with a citrus solution. Then what was a realistic photo becomes abstract patterns of color and texture. She then sorts through hundreds of these altered pages to find the perfect pairings for a dynamic landscape.  McCoy focuses her work on cranes as they are a universal symbol of peace, hope and healing.

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