Wood Short Vessel
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Wood Short Vessel

Linda Deardorff

This piece is handcrafted of Oregon Alder, a rapidly growing hardwood. It is carefully selected from forests on the Oregon Coast for its shape and markings and then dried. It is finished with tung oil and will provide years of enjoyment.

Approx. 4'' x 2.5''


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About this Artist

Linda Deardorff

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Linda moved to Oregon in 1978 with her husband, Jim. After spending more than 30 years in education as a teacher, elementary school principal, and college professor promoting the arts, she decided to join her furniture maker husband and continue her woodworking full-time.

Much of the inspiration for Linda’s work comes from the natural beauty and wildlife on the 5-acres where she and her husband live and work. Her hope is to create a unique piece of artwork that will provide years of enjoyment while bringing the natural environment “out of the woods” and into the home, without further degrading our forests or wasting precious resources.

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