Carol Pflughoeft, fractal photography

Art Show 7: Abstracted Worlds

Plum Bottom is excited to invite you to Art Show 7: Abstracted Worlds running October 19th- November 1st with an Artists reception Saturday, October 19th from 1-4pm at their Plum Bottom Road location. Meet Door County acrylic artist Mary White and pastel artist Mike Judy and see their newest body of work to add a pop of color and whimsy to your world. The gallery will also feature the newest collections from photographer Carol and acrylic artist Mark Pflughoeft. Enjoy a glass of wine and browse the latest the gallery has to offer!

Mary White, "Mid Day Lookout" Mary White’s fantastical skies and dreamy Door County landscapes continue to wow in the gallery. White’s work is an outpouring of love of Door County’s every changing landscapes. Evolving with the seasons and reflecting what is around her- she captures the way Door County feels in any given moment. 

Pops of color and vibrant still lifes define Mike Judy’s style. Door County themes are sprinkled throughout his collection celebrating his time back on the peninsula.

Carol Pflughoeft’s fractal photography is beautiful mathematics. Beginning with original nature photography she utilizes mathematical fractals to manipulate and repeat patterns creating pieces abstract yet familiar and always a conversation starter.

Mark Pflughoeft’s large scale acrylic imagine a landscape seen from above. Flowing rivers and natural landscapes cut up by man made structures and roads.



Mike Judy, "Pinkie's Morning"

Plum Bottom Gallery now has 2 locations! Plum Bottom Gallery, Plum Bottom Road location is open daily 10 AM to 5PM and Plum Bottom Gallery, Downtown Egg Harbor is open daily 10 AM -6 PM. To visit our Plum Bottom Road location, go 15 minutes north of Sturgeon Bay or 5 minutes south of Egg Harbor on Scenic Hwy 42 then east on Plum Bottom Road (1 mile) to 4999 Plum Bottom Rd. Just look for the yellow flags! Call 920-743-2819 for more information.

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