Luna Moth Sonnet, Erin Nolan

Erin Nolan Interview in Door County Living!

Excerpt taken from Door County Living, Summer 2019 Edition

Printmaker Erin Nolan says her work is "primarily inspired by Door County." For her, printmaking is the antithesis of a digital, non-relational world. "It is important to me that my humanity is shown through undulating line created during the making of the piece."

Her prints are based on the "haiku moments" of her life, when she sees the world with greater clarity. "Details that I wouldn't otherwise notice hold special significance and their deeper meaning is revealed." Learn more about the artist and view work at, and find her work at Plum Bottom Gallery in Egg Harbor.

Artwork by Erin Nolan

"Fireflies After the Rain"

Erin Nolan, Fireflies After the Rain


"Luna Moth"

Erin Nolan, Luna Moth
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