Glass: Art Show 4

Glass: Art Show 4

Plum Bottom welcomes you to a celebration of glass at Art Show 4 with an opening reception Saturday,  July 27th from 11-4. 


"Day on the Lake" by Kellie Hanson


Meet mosaic artist Kellie Hanson from 1-4pm and see her newest window creations! 

"Cubic Lake" by Rose Kleman New work from fused glass artist Rose Klemean will be on hand ready to grace your garden with maintenance free color. 

Red Beach Glass collection by Christine Gable-Epstein

Christine Gable-Epstein has been hard at work collecting beach glass to create her pieces of sterling jewelry. Be sure to check out her red glass collection - a rare color of beach glass for  truly one of a kind pieces of jewelry. 

Birch Panel in Stand by Josie Geiger Josephine Gieger has expanded her artistic horizons with glass panels with forest photography fused to the glass adding an unexpected touch of realism to the work. 

There will also be featuring the myriad of ways Laurel Grey utilizes her stunning glass leaves.  From elegant strands to stunning tables - don’t miss out on everything she and the other glass artists have to offer. 

Wine and treats will be served- come out and see everything that Plum Bottom’s glass artists have to offer and experience art, finely crafted. 

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