Paper: Art Show 2

Paper: Art Show 2

Plum Bottom Gallery invites you to Art Show 2: Paper running June 8th though the 21st with an artists reception on June 8th from 11am-4pm on at the Plum Bottom Road location.   Meet collage artist Gail McCoy and print maker Erin Nolan and see their latest collections as well as the work of paper quilling artist Heather Allard.  Be sure to 

Erin Nolan will be back again this year to walk us through her artistic process for her newest work-from finding inspiration around Door County and laying out her ideas to the final printing process- this is an amazing opportunity to see an artist in action.  An Illinois artists whose heart belong to Door County- Nolan creates works that truly capture the heart and soul of Door County. 

Gail McCoy captures the serene beauty of the crane in her stunningly paper collages.  Working with National Geographic magazines- McCoy creates beautiful color washes and patterns by breaking down and manipulating the ink on the pages of the magazine.  She painstakingly color matches pages to craft dynamic landscapes for her delicately cut cranes.  Come hear Mc Coy talk through her unique process, see works in progress, and find the perfect piece of serenity to take for your home or office. 

Heather Allard works in the almost forgotten art of paper quilling using coiled paper strips to create beautifully detailed works of art.  Her latest collection of leaves capture the bold colors of fall leaves on beautiful handmade paper.  

Plum Bottom Gallery now has 2 locations! Plum Bottom Gallery, Plum Bottom Road location is open daily 10 AM to 5PM and Plum Bottom Gallery,  Downtown Egg Harbor is open daily 10 AM -6 PM. To visit our Plum Bottom Road location, go 15 minutes north of Sturgeon Bay or 5 minutes south of Egg Harbor on Scenic Hwy 42 then east on Plum Bottom Road (1 mile) to 4999 Plum Bottom Rd. Just look for the yellow flags!  Call 920-743-2819 for more information.

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