"What is Real?" Art Show

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Plum Bottom Gallery invites you to our “What is Real?” Art Show Sat. October 3 from 11 AM - 4 PM. The show’s artists will showcase artwork that represents an increasing abstract world. This body of artwork often represents reality in abstract, beautiful and extreme ways. The show features Door County artists Mary White (Acrylic) and Mike Judy (Pastel). This show will also feature the work of Carol Pflughoeft (Photography), Mark Pflughoeft (Mixed Media), Valerie Weberpal (Acrylic and Fiber Dolls), and Sara Vanderkleed (Mixed Media). The gallery is happy to welcome you to our Plum Bottom Road location to view the show in person, but it is also bringing the show to virtually on our Facebook page Sat. October 3, between 10 AM - 5 PM. Videos and virtual walk-throughs of this exciting new collection of work will be posted throughout the day. For a full list of featured artists and the weekend events, visit facebook.com/plumbottom
Mary White, Plum Bottom’s resident painter, is debuting her newest textured acrylic canvases of idyllic Door County days and nights. White adds a gel compound to her acrylic that makes the scenes jump off the canvas and adds a dreamlike component to every piece. Mike Judy is a Door County-based artist who works in pastels. His vibrantly colored scenes often hint at the Door County landscape, featuring boats, florals, and glimpses of the peninsula’s bays and lakes. Often compared to Matisse, Mike Judy creates beautiful worlds that one can get lost in. See Judy’s never before seen collection at the show. 
Carol Pflughoeft works with fractal photography to represent the complex interactions of life’s various aspects. Pflughoeft uses a time-consuming process to utilize multiple layers of images, fractals, and colors to create unique imagery. Mark Pflughoeft uses acrylic paint, etching, and collage to create three-dimensional looking paintings. Pflughoeft focuses on balance and contrast, making his paintings connect to everyone on an emotional level. Sara Vanderkleed uses mixed media to produce a contemporary representation of emotions and objects. Vanderkleed works in many different mediums, including paper collage, acrylic, and watercolor. Valerie Weberpal, a contemporary folk artist, uses acrylic to create fantasy and dreamlike scenes. View Weberpal’s newest collection of painting and collectible fiber dolls. 
Make sure to view these artists' newest collections in person or virtually at Plum Bottom Gallery’s “What is Real?” Art Show on Sat. October 3 from 11 AM -4 PM. The show will launch at 10 AM on Facebook. Videos and virtual showings will be posted throughout the day. Plum Bottom Gallery has 2 locations open daily from 10-5! For more information, visit PlumBottomGallery.com or call 920-743-2819. Always shop safely on PlumBottomGallery.com