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12" Rippling Water SQR Platter

Paula Garille

Looking for something bright, colorful, and happy? Look no further because you just found the perfect piece. Paula Garille's fused glass Water Ripple Dish l is exactly what you are looking for. Perfect for any bookcase, countertop, or centerpiece.

Dimensions: 12" X 12"


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About this Artist

Paula Garille

Paula Garille started as a young child working side-by-side with her father creating stained glass items ranging from ornaments, frames, window panels and lamps. For the last 20 years she has moved her passion of glass over to kiln-fired art glass.  Self-taught, she works with all hand-cut glass, from sheets to pulverized glass (frit) to create one of kind pieces. She loves to create pieces from things that she sees in our world, be in something in nature, or geometrical or whimsical.  Her pieces range from small ornamental items, to home décor, dinnerware, lighting, garden accents and more.

There is no paint in any of her pieces.  Dinnerware is safe to use, but recommended “hand-made = hand-wash”.  Due to quick changes and uneven heating in microwaves, it is best not to put cook on them.

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