Big Sur Ring, Size 7
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Big Sur Ring, Size 7

Luana Coonen

This silver, open-work ring is an organic asymmetrical pattern wrapping around your finger. Inspired by Northern California lichen, the Big Sur band is an artful, organic piece perfect for everyday.

Size 7


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Luana Coonen

Born and raised in Hawaii, Luana Coonen has an undeniable connection with nature, it's in her blood. On hikes and walks, she becomes fascinated by every dew drop, new spring flower, or fallen insect wings. She finds herself studying the patterns of nature, and turning these lessons into awe-inspiring jewelry.

She has a passion to use found objects and sustainable materials; giving new life to recycled gold, reclaimed antique stones and beach-combed treasures. She amplifies these seemly mundane objects in gold and silver, giving them a platform and voice otherwise muted in the urban environment.

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