Dragonfly Card
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Dragonfly Card

Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen

Inspired by nature and the outdoors, Aaron Furuseth and Ahn Nguyen create beautiful quilled cards. Anh is the creator behind the project and every design starts off as one of her original drawings. Each card is blank on the inside and waiting to be filled with a warm message for others.


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Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen

Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen discovered the art of quilling when they found some cards in a bookstore in Nguyen's hometown of Ho Chi Minh City. Quilling originated in Italy in the 1300's when artists would use the quill of a bird feather to wrap thin strips of paper into floral shapes. Anh partners with women based in Ho Chi Minh and trains them to assist in bringing her compositions to life. Furuseth and Nguyen hope these cards will bring color and joy to your life! View more from Aaron

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