Grand Interlocking Rings Suncatcher
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Grand Interlocking Rings Suncatcher

Liane Crigler

Find peace in the sparkling light and the soothing pattern the Interlocking Circle Suncatcher makes in your window. Crigler uses swirling glass, clean lines, and simple shapes to make an eye catching piece perfect for your home year round.

Size: 10.5" diameter on 40" metal chain


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Liane Crigler

Trained as a metalsmith, artist/owner, Liane Crigler, spent the last 8 years making and selling her textured jewelry. Focused on creating “Modern day armor for your everyday battles” – each handmade jewelry piece is fabricated from sheet and wire. Her designs have been worn on "Jane the Virgin," "Parenthood," and "Riverdale" and the jewelry is carried in 20+ stores nationally.

In 2020, the changing world lead her creativity down a different path and product line. The new "Suncatcher" window hangings, made from stained glass & wood, started as a design challenge of sorts, but quickly lead to more. The color & playfulness of the suncatchers brought a new form of inspiration to the studio, and Crigler plans to expand the home décor line to brighten your home and bring a smile to your face.

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