Lovebirds Pendant Necklace
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Lovebirds Pendant Necklace

Lisa and Scott Cylinder

The Lovebirds Pendant Necklace made using a simple process and made to resemble tin toys from the first half of the 20th Century. It is intended to have a folk art appearance rather than the look of a traditional piece of jewelry. This is made with a cast sterling silver double bird charm with orange enamel paint accents and a blur glass pearl dangle. Join the hilarious fun with these earrings that are guaranteed to be the topic of conversation!

1.25" x 1" pendant on an 18" sterling silver chain


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About this Artist

Lisa and Scott Cylinder

Linda and Scott Cylinder began collaborating on jewelry pieces in 1988. They are both schooled jewelers and metalsmiths with over thirty years experience. The ideas for their jewelry are derived from numerous sources; nature, modern art, folklore and pop culture, to name a few. They blend these influences into clever narratives and play-on-words. Conceptually, Cylinder's work may best be described as a hybrid of Picasso mixed with Hanna-Barbera cartoon!  View more from Lisa

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