May Flowers
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May Flowers

Stella Holmes

Stella Holmes finds that trees, flowers, and nature ground and bring peace to her everyday life. Inspired by Van Gogh and Monet, Holmes creates beautiful landscapes that captivate any audience.

Dimensions: 12" x 16"


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Stella Holmes

Growing up in Detroit, Stella Holmes didn’t see the beauty on those dark gloomy Michigan days.  At 10 years old taking sewing classes with bright fabrics created escape and excitement of making her own clothes. Creating took Holmes to another place. She continued on to make many outfits and designs through the 1970’s.  Her art interest grew from pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, oils, stained glass, mosaic, hand painted clothing, hand painted silk, silk screen, hand carved stamps and now acrylic.

In 1988, she took a Silk Painting Class in Mendecino, California.  The flow of the paint on silk drew Holmes in.  Herein, started an 18 year journey and the start of a business creating hand painted silk and hand painted cotton clothing. After moving to other states a few times, she started going back to her roots of painting on canvas. Her style and inspiration are of the impressionist period of which Van Gogh and Monet are considered favorites. Trees, flowers and nature are what helps keep her grounded and bring peace. In Holmes's paintings, she tries to draw the viewer into the scene with the balance of light and color;  She wants others to see the joy and beauty of the sunlight peaking through.

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