Meandering Line Wrapped Tumbler
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Meandering Line Wrapped Tumbler

Corey Silverman

Add this "Meanding Line Wrapped Tumbler" to your glass collection! These lines are draped loosely around the glass creating a freeformed feeling while providing a "grip" along the glass.

Hold up to 11 oz. of liquid


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About this Artist

Corey Silverman

Corey Silverman was formally trained as a glass artist while getting his BFA at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. Upon graduating in 1998 he worked with several glass studios around the country before settling in Denver, CO in 1999. His studies with glass have led him to experiment with slumped forms, casting, cold work, solid sculpting and blowing. After much experimentation with glass, he found himself always coming back to the blown form.  View more from Corey

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