Rainbow Northern Snowflake Ornament
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Rainbow Northern Snowflake Ornament

Josephine A. Geiger

Josephine A. Geiger's eye for architecture is seen in these beautiful fused glass ornaments. Each one is handmade and features vibrant colors that will just sparkle in any setting. Enjoy these during the holidays or after in a window.

3.5 Inches


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About this Artist

Josephine A. Geiger

Born and mostly raised in Menomonie, WI, Josephine was able to take virtually every available art class. Her favorite was the Saturday morning art class at UW Stout where she experimented with everything from drawing, sculpture, print-making, and pottery, to bronze casting. Ironically, they did not have glass as a medium.

She now lives in a small house with a big yard in Saint Paul, MN, with her studio above the garage, a pond full of (sometimes frozen) goldfish in the back yard, and a dog watching out the window while the cat plays with her tail.

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