Shimmer in the Woods
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Shimmer in the Woods

Carol Pflughoeft

Carol Pflughoeft combines her passion for creating original fractal images with her love of photography, creating unique imagery, showcasing her masterful use of color and fractal-ized components. Pflughoeft uses a time consuming process utilizing multiple layers of images, fractals, and color. These individual layers come together to create a unique whole, representing the complex interactions of life’s various aspects.

Size: 15" x 30"


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Carol Pflughoeft

Carol Pflughoeft is a digital artist from McFarland WI who’s lifelong love and appreciation of art began in childhood. Born in Chicago, at age 13 she was fortunate to be one of a select group of students chosen to attend Saturday lectures at the Chicago Art Institute, an experience that fueled her interest in various art forms.

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