Anderson Dock Sunset
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Anderson Dock Sunset

Lisa and Paul Schultz

Lisa and Paul Shultz's photographs capture the beauty of the Door County Peninsula on aluminum panels. The rich color and depth their work is guaranteed to bring back memories of you favorite iconic Door County scene. The Shultz's imagery reminds us to appreciate the beaity of nature and the special places Door County offers.

Aluminum Panel


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Artist Made

This art is made with care by the artist.

Door County Inspired

This art was inspired by the beautiful Door County landscape.

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About this Artist

Lisa and Paul Schultz

Lisa and Paul are local photographers. While they spend as much of their free time as possible enjoying the outdoors, they document it with a Canon Digital SLR Camera. Conservation of our natural resources is very important to them. Through their photography, they hope to inspire others to take a moment to appreciate the fleeting natural beauty that surrounds us. Lisa and Paul encourage you to take a step back from your daily life to take a hike, visit a state or national park, donate to a local conservation club, or appreciate nature's beauty in whatever way that speaks to you. 

"Climb the mountains and get their good things: nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine into flowers. The winds blow their freshness into you and the storms their energy and cares will drop off like autumn leaves."- John Muir

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