Cobalt Wave Tumbler
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Cobalt Wave Tumbler

Michael Richardson

This handblown Cobalt Wave Timbler is designed with a transparent wave colors on the botth and opaque white coloration on the top. Enjoy a drink of your choice while being reminded of waves on Lake Michigan Waves.

Hold 12 ounces


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About this Artist

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson has been interested in art since childhood. The beginnings of his inspiration was found in the different cultures and styles that he was exposed to traveling with his family. Initially interested in illustration, his time spent in Japan, Hawaii, and Mexico helped create his personal style. Throughout his development, Richardson explored other mediums and found a new mode of expression through glass. He began blowing glass during his high school years and valued the encouragement of his art teacher. As Michael continued his education and artistic development he received a BFA from St. Michael's College in Vermont. The fluidity of molten glass offered new opportunities to create art and combine his love for two dimensional design and three dimensional sculpture. Also a skilled marketing and studio manager, he looks forward to continued artistic development. Michael loves to see people take pleasure in the work Anchor Bend creates and finds continual inspiration through the many aspects of life. When not creating with the Anchor Bend team, he enjoys surfing, skating, and spending time with his wife and family. View more from Michael

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