Lever Back Earrings: Red
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Lever Back Earrings: Red

Christine Gable Epstein

Oceano Sea Glass Jewelry reflects Christine Gable Epstein’s passion for the sea. Her jewelry features naturally recycled sea glass—gems touched only by sand, saltwater, and time.

Dark Red Sea glass can sometimes be traced to lanterns that hung over the port side of ships. Ruby Red bottles were used for bottling beer from the 1940’s to early 1960’s by the Anchor Hocking Glass Company.

Red Sea glass is very special, not only due to its rarity, but because gold, a highly prized and costly precious metal, was one of its ingredients.

Drop length: 1.5''


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Christine Gable Epstein

Christine Gable Epstein’s jewelry reflects the artist’s passion for the sea. Her jewelry features naturally recycled sea glass — gems touched only by sand, saltwater and time. She trained at the School fo Visual Arts in New York and the Revere Academy of Jewelry in San Francisco, California. She finds inspiration walking her dogs on the beach collecting sea glass. A portion of every sale is donated to animal rescue and ocean conservation.

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